A manual tool change system from Schunk is ideally suited for flexible manufacturing of products that span a range of variants and where reliable manual changes are required.

The manual mold change system (SHS) is equipped with integrated air feed-through, interlock sensing and optional electrical feed-through. The series is available in six sizes. It consists of a manual change head and a manual change adapter. The locking mechanism locks the manual change head to the manual change adapter – backlash-free and form-fitting. Various grippers and other end effectors can be attached to it.

Schunk’s Plug & Work portfolio offers a range of standardized components for cobots, which include gripping, changing and measuring forces and torques. Coordinated interfaces and adapters help ensure that all modules can be combined with Universal Robots robot arms in the shortest possible time and changed quickly. This guarantees fast assembly and commissioning.

  • Form-fitting locking
  • Integrated pneumatic feed-through
  • Locking monitoring


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