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UR3e – The flexible collaborating robot

The UR3e is a highly flexible and collaborative benchtop robot from Universal Robots. It is ideal for light assembly tasks and automated scenarios on a workbench. The flexibility is especially evident in the low weight of 11 kg, the nevertheless high payload of 3 kg and the 360 degree rotation of all joints. The end joint can also be turned completely.

Technical details

The UR3e from Universal Robots is a Cobot that is perfectly suited as a tabletop robot. It is also very well suited for installation in plants or very narrow working environments.

Its features enable it to perform high-precision assembly and screwdriving tasks with ease. In particular, its small footprint and low weight make it suitable for use on tables and in confined spaces.

Radius500 mm
Payload3 kg
FootprintØ 128 mm
Weight11.2 kg
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