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Grippers for collaborative robots

Collaborating robots are suitable for many different applications. But they also need to be equipped to do so. Just as we humans can work with different tools, cobots can also use different tools. These include grippers.
In order for the entire robot system to continue to meet the strict regulations of ISO/TS15066, the grippers must also meet this standard.

What are grippers?

Grippers enable the cobot to pick things up and put them down again. These are usually workpieces, cartons or other packaging. These grippers can be easily attached to the cobot.

What types of grippers are there?

There are many different grippers that are suitable for different materials, workpieces or packaging.
In order for the grippers to be suitable for your task, you need to know what weight and which pieces are to be picked up. Then you can choose the right gripper for the job from a variety of gripper types.

Electric grippers

Electric grippers are ideal for more complex tasks where, for example, the force needs to be adjusted flexibly.

Pneumatic grippers

Pneumatic grippers are best suited for less complex tasks. They are also easier to operate and less expensive.

Finger grippers

For tasks where precise objects have to be picked up, two- or three-finger grippers are very well suited. Such grippers adapt to the shape of the object and can thus pick up and hold objects securely.

How easy is it to use grippers?

If you use a collaborative robot from Universal Robots, integration is really easy thanks to UR+. You usually only need to plug in the certified grippers and can then use them straight away.